16: Romantical Reading

08 Feb

Yes, I do realize that “romantical” isn’t a word (although I bet it is in  But I like it all the same.  It rolls of the tongue nicely.  There was a time in my life when almost all that I read were romantical books.  Contemporary, historical, futuristic…I loved it all, especally time travel storylines (of which I STILL think Jude Devereauz’s “A Knight in Shining Armor” is one of the best ever).  Although my reading preferences have branched out and grown, as I have, every now and then I get a tremendous urge to enter into a romantical world, full of dashing heroes and sassy heroines. 

These days though, I find that my requirements are much more defined than they used to be.  For one, witty dialogue is a must.  I don’t like too much narration…I want actual interaction between the characters, and personally, I’d prefer it to be funny, yet sweet.  I can’t stand a whiney lead character either (i.e. Bella).  I want to read about a world so vivid that I can envision living there.  And most importantly, even if the plot line is going to be a bit predictable (obviously, a happy-ever-after is likely going to occur), I still want a storyline that feels fresh and not over-used.  See? I’m really not asking for much! *snort*

That being said, although I have no difficulty locating historical and futuristic titles that I enjoy, I have particular difficulty finding contempory romance authors whose works I like.  I think Susan Elizabeth Phillips is the best one out there, and I am really bad about holding everyone to her standard.  Many authors have failed miserably in SEP’s glowing shadow, but thankfully, I encountered one recently who did not.  Although she didn’t quite hit SEP level for me, she did move in to my top five favorite contemporary romance authors, which is saying a lot.   Without further ado, I bring you, Kristan Higgins’ title “Too Good To Be True”.

 I’m not going to recap the plot for you (that’s what Google’s good for, folks:)).  But I will say this- Callahan O’Shea is, without a doubt, the most well-written romantic male lead that I’ve encountered in years. I wanted this man in ways that I haven’t wanted a fictional man, since, oh say….Roarke in the In Death series.  He’s THAT great.

I currently have Ms. Higgins’ back-titles on order, but I wondered if anyone else has read her works.  If so, was this one title a fluke?  (Please say no. Please say no. Please say no.) I’m hoping they are all just as spectacular!  And for those of you who may be thinking, “I can’t relate to this post at all… I don’t even LIKE romance books!”   Well, that’s okay!  We all have our comfort items in life.  Mine just happen to be mac & cheese and romantical books:)




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