Escaping the Heat/ Entering the World of Oz

18 Jul

This weekend we spent some wonderful time with amazing friends.  Friends who let the kids and I invade their cool home as our air conditioner was struggling to cool our little heat box of a house.  These days of 100+ degrees are quickly getting old.  But when you can sneak off to create memories with those you love — well, a hot house isn’t too much of a big deal, I guess.

This is Jalyn with her dear friend Alyssa (the daughter of my dear friend, Renea).  I call them Dorothy1 and Dorothy2.  They proceeded to put chairs next to each other and conduct a talk show entitled “Talk Time with Dorothy”.  Alyssa was the hostest, asking Jalyn questions like, “So…how did you feel when your house blew away in the tornado?” and “Where in the world did you get those darling red glitter shoes??”.   Absolutely priceless.

Next up, a little twirling from the Dorothy(s).  Because really…who doesn’t love to twirl??

Of course, the Wizard of Oz isn’t complete without the other characters as well….

After the WoO  was complete, we headed over to Alyssa’s grandparents’ amazing new home for a quick swim.  Our “quick” swim turned into 8 hours of fun in the sun and stars. I’m a sucker for nighttime swimming, and you pretty much have to twist my arm to get me to leave a place this beautiful.  I think it’s quite possible we overstayed our welcome, LOL…good thing our friends love us.

[And since I’m writing this post in retrospect, I can safely say that many more fun-filled days like this one occurred this summer.  Although the first one, as we all know, is always special:)]


2 responses to “Escaping the Heat/ Entering the World of Oz

  1. Renea

    August 29, 2010 at 10:11 am

    You definitely did NOT overstay your welcome! I love you and your kiddos and spending time together, no matter what we are doing is, is wonderful!

  2. Jenny

    August 30, 2010 at 9:06 am

    The girls’ talk show sounds adorable! And I love everyone’s costumes! 🙂


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