And Off They Go….

19 Aug

This morning, my little J’s started school as first and second graders.  To be honest, I didn’t do so well.  I was surprised by how emotional I was.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately of how vividly I remember second grade.  Getting a spanking for dropping my pencil and then climbing over my desk to retrieve it during a spelling test.  Being given a plastic banana for being a “Top Banana”.  Receiving a wonderful hard copy of Charlotte’s Web from my teacher, Mrs. Garrison.  These things are so clear in my mind that it’s hard for me to reconcile that my son is that age now.  That means that when he is 33 and typing on his blog, he will likely remember stories unique to his second grade experience.  (Ok, maybe he won’t be typing on a blog, but you get my point.)  This kind of freaks me out. 

 Here’s my Jaxen, in his “first day of second grade” outfit and goofy grin, missing front tooth and all.  [Side note:  his hair is still in a mohawk cut, but he opted to comb it to the side for the first day so that he would “look like an army man”.]

And here’s my Jalyn- honestly, I’m surprised I could even get a non-blurry shot of her.  She was so tremendously excited that she was going 90-nothing from the time she stepped foot out of bed.  New shoes, new outfit, new bookbag, new teacher — it was almost too much for her!

After getting the kids settled in the gym with their classes, my role was done.  The kids pretty much took to school like a fish out of water — long gone were the days of wanting Mom to stick around for the first day.  As I sobbed while exiting the school, the husband said, “Jess, that is the goal of parenting, you know. For the kids to be independent and self-sufficient.”  Hmphh.  That may be, but this mom wasn’t ready for those days to come so soon.


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4 responses to “And Off They Go….

  1. Jenny

    August 29, 2010 at 7:21 am

    How exciting (if sad)! I remember second grade really vividly too; it stands out in my memory as one of my most exciting school years. You learn all kinds of cool stuff in second grade!

    • Jessica

      August 29, 2010 at 8:50 am

      You’re so right, Jenny — although I technically learned to read in first grade, I remember second as being the year where it really came together for me. Shaped me for life, and turned me into the current bookwhore I am, that’s for sure! I have no doubt that my daughter will inherit that lovely trait, but I’m hoping it comes together for my son this year. Keep your book-lovin’ fingers crossed, please:)

  2. fuzzycricket

    September 2, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Jess – I haven’t made it through a first day of school for the Sprogs without tears, yet. I loved reading through your memories of second grade. It’s amazing how weird it can be, picturing our kids that age, remembering what they are feeling. Your two grade-schoolers are absolutely adorable!

    • Jessica

      September 2, 2010 at 7:43 pm

      I’m so glad to hear it’s not just me that cries like a baby. Jalyn came home with a note earlier this week saying that the teachers want to have her tested for the gifted/talented program. And, of course, I cried some more:) *sniff* So stinkin’ proud of my little Sister Bear!!


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