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Any Little Excuse

My work was kind enough to give us the day off.  I guess to properly recover from any New Year celebration revelry that may have lapsed over into Sunday/Monday.  Long overdue renovations and repairs began in our home today.  Let me tell you, five adults and two children is entirely too many people to have in one little house, especially when three of those adults are trying to move ladders, tubs of paint, scrapers and various other equipment throughout the rooms.  So I decided it was THE perfect excuse to take the kiddos and go explore the going-out-of-business sale at the outlet mall’s bookstore.

Oklahoma City was lucky enough to have a beautiful, brand spankin’ new outlet mall open up just a few months ago.  I’m not quite sure why the bookstore is already going out of business. I find that to be a sad state of affairs in the world (curse you e-books!), but that’s a topic for another time.  And really…any excuse to go to a booksale is a-ok with me.

I was surprised by the quality of the selection.  I was fully expecting just stacks of remainder books, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction titles, and best of all, an entire food writing section!   Here’s what I purchased – for a mere $14, I might add 🙂

1.  Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict – Laurie Viera Rigler –  I’ve had this on my TBR list for some time, but my local library doesn’t stock it. So yay for finding it for dirt cheap!

2.  Horsemen of the Esophagus: Competitive Eating and the Big Fat American Dream –  Jason Fagone – I’ve been eyeing this one for some time. So glad to find a copy.

3.  Alone in the Kitchen With An Eggplant – Edited by Jenni Ferrari-Adler –  I LOVE this book, and have checked it out numerous times from the library. I must admit, I did a little happy dance and accompanying squeal when I saw it on the shelf!

4.  On The Threshold: Home, Hardwood & Holiness – Elizabeth J. Andrew – I thought this looked super intriguing.  A book of essays about home & faith, very timely in my life.

5.  Familyhood – Paul Reiser –  I’ve been a Paul Reiser fan for many, many years, and adding Familyhood, his newest, will complete my collection, which also consists of Couplehood and Babyhood.

6.  Someday My Prince Will Come:  True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess – Jerramy Fine – This looks super cute. I can’t wait to read it!

7.  Life, Death & Bialys:  A Father/Son Baking Story – Dylan Schaffer – Have I mentioned my weakness for food writing?

8.  Bright Lights, Big Ass – Jen Lancaster – I LOVE Jen Lancaster.  She never fails to crack me up:)  And although I’ve already read this one, I went ahead and picked up a copy to gift to someone.

9.  Spoon Fed:  How Eight Cooks Saved My Life – Kim Severson – See aforementioned food writing writing.

In my opinion, some excellent finds!  Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m off to read.


My Happy List – Take 1

I’ve chosen to not really dwell upon it via my blog, but I’ve been really struggling lately.  In my role as a wife. My role as a mother.  As a friend.  As a woman.  My husband lost his job almost three months ago, and that one event has triggered an avalanche of emotions in me, rendering me speechless and unable to deal with things that need to be dealt with.  (If you ignore it, if will go away right?? ).  It’s not even just the financial difficulties that a single working parent situation has brought to our home.  It feels as though the balance has shifted on its axis – and not in a way that works for us – or for me, at least.  I can only hope, wish, pray and pray some more than things will right themselves soon.

But in the meantime, in an effort to get myself out of my self-imposed funk, I’ve decided to start a Sunday feature titled “My Happy List” where I share the things that have made me smile over the last week.  Feel free to join the bandwagon if you’d like to share as well.  Here’s my list for this week.

1.  Natalie Grant/ Jordin Sparks duet Human from the 2010 Dove Awards.  This song moves me so deeply.

2.  The kids got new haircuts this weekend.  Jaxen is back to his mohawk style for the remainder of the summer, and Sister Bear decided it was time to chop hers back off. Woot woot! She has such fine hair that it gets stringy the longer it gets, and I adore her with a shorter style.  Sassilicious!

3.  I just started this book, and am only a couple chapters  in, but so  far, it’s been a very enjoyable, light-hearted read. Perfect for rainy evenings on the porch!

4.  This photo of Jalyn makes me happy.  It was taken a few weeks ago in a big tree in my parent’s front yard.  I’m hoping to get a post up with some more pics from our trip soon.

5.  And this picture of Jaxen also makes my heart sing:) It was taken on the swingset in my parent’s backyard.  *sigh* I’m already feeling homesick again and it’s only been  a few weeks!


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