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Mom Challenge

I don’t deal well with clutter.  And chaos.  And living in a disorganized manner.  Therefore, my patience and focus are being stretched to their very limits by our current situation as we deal with the home renovation aftermath.  I find myself snapping at the kids, and my husband.  Actually chomping at the bit to get to work so as to get away from this mess.  It’s only been a week, and yet I feel like I’m at my wit’s end.

In an effort to distract myself, I signed up for pinterest this week.  Such a cool site (aka a massive time suck!) that’s given me all sorts of inspiration and creative ideas.  I stumbled across this today and have decided, in the interest of my sanity, and my children and husband’s, that maybe now this would be a good time to implement this little challenge.  To focus myself on what really matters, which is not the fact that I still can’t cook in our kitchen, and little clouds of dust still whirl around me with every step I take.

Thus, tomorrow, I began the 30 Day Mom Challenge:

Of course, these are all things I try to strive and do on a daily basis anyway, but hey – sometimes we all need a little help, and a reminder of one’s priorities.  And besides, I like lists!  Here we go!


New Year’s Eve: A Celebration

I believe this year marks the sixth year that we rang in the new year at home, with our two pride & joys, in our pajamas. Just the way I like it.  Each year I find that we begin a new tradition of some sort.  This year it was my son’s request that we have pudding in a cloud.

Of course, you can choose any flavor pudding you would like, but we went with the tried & true chocolate.

We had a delicious dinner of pork chops, roasted potatoes, and the requisite black-eyed peas, for good luck.  We watched the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve special, always a pleasure.  It always takes me back to my junior high days when I eagerly awaiting a sighting of NKOTB on the annual special.

J-Bo made it till about 11:40…and then his eyelids started to droop…

By 11:45, he was out.

We tried desperately to wake him for the midnight toast, but he was dead to the world.  (When I told him the next day that he had fallen asleep and missed the ball drop, he said, “You didn’t even try to wake me up!”. Hahahaha!  We were literally yelling at him, and he wouldn’t stir. Silly boy!)

So we toasted in the New Year with just three of the J’s.

And then….Sister Bear crashed.  🙂  At about 12:09.

Here’s to a New Year, my friends.  May it be full of an insane amount of love, light and most importantly, laughter.


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Wordless Wednesday: What a Difference Four Years Makes











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Scoot, Scoot, Scootin’

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  At the end of the road we live on, there is a little park that we have visited many times over the years.  The best part of the place though, is the truly excellent biking/walking/running/skateboarding/scootering (you get the drift:)) path that encircles the whole park. I would guestimate it is about a mile around.  Today, we went biking and scootering.  Sister Bear was too quick on her bike for me to catch a photo, so here’s J-Bo blazing past me on his scooter.  It was so good to soak up some vitamin D together.



Easter 2011

Rain, rain, go away…come again another day!

Oh how we desperately need the rain, but we had all crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t come on Easter.  Therefore – it did.  Never you mind … we had a grand time all the same. 

The rain couldn’t stop us from joining our family and friends at Nana and Papa’s house for lots of food, lots of laughter and eggxact counting of eggs for an indoor egg hunt (Yes, I just said eggxact. I’ve been waiting for weeks to use that word. Ha!).  Counting was a must because really, who wants to have to follow the smell weeks later to locate a missing egg? Not I.)

And then… my loving son actually “smiled” in a photo with yours truly.  Trust me- to even capture him in a photo lens is a hard feat these days:)  A big thank you to my sister-in-law Kristy for so kindly documenting the moment.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always.  As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” – Robert Munsch

Things may be tight around here these days…but there IS an awful lot of love.  It’s a good thing to have in abundance, I believe.

And when your seven year old son exclaims, “Cool!”, then you know you’ve done alright. Happy Valentine’s Day, babies!

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Happy HALLoween!

We were very behind on our Halloween decorating this year. So far behind, in fact, that it didn’t get done till the day of. Oops!  Much of the appeal of Halloween, to my husband at least, is the scaring of poor, innocent children when they come to our door.  Here is his handiwork this year.  (By the way, I highly advise not buying any new decorations until the day of– 50% off! Holla!)

Creepy Scarecrow Dude (and yes, that’s his official name around here) was made by the husband last year.  He just gets a new face each year.  And I must say, he spent the last year on our back patio, and made a rather effective burglar deterrent.

Creepy Grudge Doll girl (yes, another official name) was kindly borrowed from my sister-in-law.  We put a strobe light under her head, and placed her looking out the window onto the front porch. Deliciously sinister!

But the main attractions of the night, of course, were Sister Bear (aka Beautiful Ballerina) and J-Bo (aka Cranky Ninja). He was exhausted from a very hard-played soccer game earlier in the day, and crashed as soon as he got home with his treats.

Sister, on the other hand, was raring to go, and used the quiet time to divide her spoils by type.  If there was every any doubt that she was a mini-Jessica, it’s gone now.  I did the same thing after every Halloween when I was a child.

And, of course, we can’t forget the Man of the Hour himself…my husband.

Isn’t he handsome?? *snort*

All in all, Halloween 2010 was lots of fun, even if we didn’t get to dedicate the time leading up to it spent in spooky pursuits as I had hoped.  But hey…there’s always next year:)


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