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Mom Challenge

I don’t deal well with clutter.  And chaos.  And living in a disorganized manner.  Therefore, my patience and focus are being stretched to their very limits by our current situation as we deal with the home renovation aftermath.  I find myself snapping at the kids, and my husband.  Actually chomping at the bit to get to work so as to get away from this mess.  It’s only been a week, and yet I feel like I’m at my wit’s end.

In an effort to distract myself, I signed up for pinterest this week.  Such a cool site (aka a massive time suck!) that’s given me all sorts of inspiration and creative ideas.  I stumbled across this today and have decided, in the interest of my sanity, and my children and husband’s, that maybe now this would be a good time to implement this little challenge.  To focus myself on what really matters, which is not the fact that I still can’t cook in our kitchen, and little clouds of dust still whirl around me with every step I take.

Thus, tomorrow, I began the 30 Day Mom Challenge:

Of course, these are all things I try to strive and do on a daily basis anyway, but hey – sometimes we all need a little help, and a reminder of one’s priorities.  And besides, I like lists!  Here we go!



My little girl believes in magic.  As every 7 year old should.  Specifically, she’s on close terms with the Tooth Fairy right now.  Today, she was an amazing trooper while the dentist extracted her front tooth.  (It was a partial from when she broke it as a toddler, and the new tooth growing in above had nowhere to go; thus, the need to remove it.)

She thinks she looks like a vampire.  My husband says she looks like a hillbilly. Her brother calls her “The Toothless Wonder”. I think she looks like a sweet girl who now speaks with a lisp and has difficulty eating corn on the cob. 

I also think she looks like a girl who wakes up sobbing at 3 in the morning, just absolutely distraught that the Tooth Fairy hadn’t visited.  It took some explaining that Ms. Fairy had a big old world to tend to every night and just hadn’t made it to our house yet to get her to calm down. Still…she was restless and awoke to every little rustle of the sheet.  I’m surprised the Tooth Fairy was even able to sneak in undetected.

But she did…oh yes, she did. *grin*




This is my internal conversation when I saw these.  And yes, they came home with me. 

1.  My black ballet flats have a hole in the toe.
2.  These will go with everything!
3.  They can be worn to work and in a more casual setting.
4.  No socks needed, so that’s one less item to have to buy/wash/find the matching in the rush of the morning.
5.  Sunday is Mother’s Day!

Yes, I can justify just about anything!


31: One of the Following

At times that you don’t find me posting on this blog that often, or maybe you notice that I’m not quite as religious about leaving comments on others pages as I like to be, you can likely bet that one of the follow has occurred:

1.  Work has gotten crazy.   (It has.)

2.  The kids have started springtime sports.  (They have.)

3.  The kids have birthdays coming up.  (They do.)

4.  Or, most likely, I’ve discovered a new author and am drowning myself in his/her backlist of titles. (I have been.)

So that’s what I’ve been doing. What about you?


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19: That Boy of Mine

See this face??

I love this face. I love this boy with every fiber of my being.  (And by the way, it’s horribly unfair that he got the long lashes and full lips in the family. It’s just not right.)

But there are days, recently more often than not, that I long for these days.

I want to see him do this.

Not this. 
(I thought this picture was funny when I took it, but today, it just makes my heart hurt.)

It’s a battle.  Watching my firstborn develop a personality that is, at times, eerily similar to his father.  Stubborn.  Strong-willed.  Very opinionated.  I have to remind myself constantly that no matter how much I love my kids and want to be their friend, my first and foremost responsibility is to be their parent.  To help shape them into the very best person that they can be.  Oh my, is it hard.  Forget diapers.  And bottles.  And lugging around tons of baby gear.  The real parenting starts when your child begins to question life, and as a result, your authority.   When they push the limits- just because they can.  When they begin to form their own opinions, no longer taking your word as the gospel truth.  When they suddenly absolutely will not take off the pair of jeans with the holes in the knees, although they have many pairs of nice pants.

Some days I just want to cry because I love this little booger so much.  And I know it makes him just as unhappy as it makes me when we clash.  But I must, must, must remain strong.  Guide my children.   Teach my children.  Love my children.  And pray….pray with all my might….that I did something right.  I want to enjoy these years, and I’m sure I’ll look back at this post someday and grin, remembering all the silly little arguments.  But for now, in this very moment, these silly little arguments feel monumentally huge, like one small misstep can result in disastrous consequences. 

And also, it’s really hard to stay mad at someone who is this cute.  Seriously.


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Journey Thru a Mom’s Brain: Part 1

Scene: Sitting down to type new blog post.

Enter Brain: Oh, my…my laptop screen is really dirty. I should get up and get something to wipe it off with. But oh, look at my toe nails–ghetto, girlfriend!! It is June and you have yet to paint your toes once. That’s so sad. (Sit down to paint toe nails). Yes, Jalyn, I’d be happy to paint yours as well. (Paints daughter’s toenails). Thinks about how need to go buy new paint… this one is getting all clumpy & so NOT the color I was feeling today. I need some green polish. Loves loves loves green. Ohhh… love green olives too! Must go make pasta salad with green olives in it. Hmm.. where I was going? Why did I get up? Oh well. Might as well go switch the laundry while I’m up.

Does this happen to anyone else??


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