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It is utter and complete chaos in our house at the moment.  A few months after we bought our house (over six years ago), cracks started appearing around the doorframes, in the hallway and really badly in the kitchen ceiling.  Over time they became worse, but we just have never had the 1) inclination or 2) the money to deal with the situation.  Well, thanks to my husband, part of my Christmas gift this year was to hire someone to repair these damages.  We are three days in, and this is what the house currently looks like.

J-Bo’s room:

Sister Bear’s room:

The kitchen:  (OH GOD!! THE HORROR!!!)

Master Bedroom:

And last, but certainly not least, the living room.  (More sobbing.)  You can’t tell…but our furniture is black.

Our Christmas tree looked so pretty just a few days ago, and now….just sad.

I am really hesitant to share these horribly unflattering photos of our meager little home, but I decided to do so simply so that when the work is done, and the dust has cleared (literally), I will be able to look back at these and see how far we’ve come.  But for now… OMG!  This sh*t is driving me crazy!!!



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