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You Made A Fool Of Me

There are only a handful of television shows that I always go out of my way to watch, that I have a vested interest in.  So You Think You Can Dance is one of those.  Out of the talents I wish I had been born with, the ability to dance would be right at the top of the list.  The movement of their bodies inspires me so much.  The lyrical way in which they can use their limbs to convey the emotion from the music just floors me.  This performance, in particular, speaks to my heart.

 “And now, you have no interest in anything that I have to say.
You made a fool of me… tell me why?
You state that you don’t care, but we made love, tell me why?
I want to kiss you, does she want you with the pain that I do?
I smell you in my dreams.
But now when we’re face to face, you won’t look me in the eye.
No time, no friendship, no love.
You made a fool of me.”

– Meshell  Ndegeocello



39: Wordless Wednesday

A flashback–just because this picture makes me smile:)


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7: Wish

“I’d like to be the ideal mother, but I’m too busy raising my kids.”- unknown

Some days, I’m a better mother than others.  Today would be one of those NOT somedays.  I am exhausted.  And the only thing I want right now is some silence.  Absolute silence to be exact.  I’m not sure anything could make me happier at the moment.  Ok, maybe winning the lottery would get me all jazzed up, but other than that, I want to hear crickets.  And my fan.  And that’s it.

*snort* Yeah, right. 

When does that ever happen in the life of a mother?  Almost never–except in the late hours of night when everyone is in bed.  Which is why us mothers are often so tired.  We stay up too darn late just to revel in the stillness of those peaceful hours.  (Of course, I really shouldn’t speak for others  here.)

*sigh* Is it really so much to ask for???   All I want is a comfy chair.  Some beloved favorite books.  A cozy blanket.  Some steaming hot coffee.  I don’t think it’s much–but it feels like the world right now. 


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